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Cassore Sofa is a world of Sofas, inspired by the best soft furniture traditions.

Leading chair manufacturer from Turkey!

Chairium presents services from public to residential areas.

Established in early 2012, Chairium became one of the most respected company & manufacturer for seating solutions all around the world. Chairium has exclusive dealers in different countries including Russia, Germany, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

As following the developments and with our dynamic structure, our company has established partnerships in the international market which helped us to broaden our horizon and vision and leaded us to provide service in the various fields for projects.

With such awareness, it is our objective to offer solutions for;

- Café & Coffee Shop Chairs
- Café & Coffee Shop Tables
- Restaurant Chairs
- Restaurant Tables
- Lobby & Lounge
- Hotel Lobby Seating
- Office Lobby Seating
- Hospital Lobby Seating
- School Lobby Seating
- Reception Seating
- Waiting Room Seating
- Shopping Mall Seating
- Bar & Bistro
- Office Seating

Furkey is the leading manufacturer of bedrooms, dining rooms and tv units from Turkey.

In auditorium projects, quantities are mostly huge. A small mistake in production can lead to a great loss in resources. Punctuality, sensitivity and accuracy are of paramount importance in production process of Auditorium projects. Seatorium management is commited for perfection.

The world in which we do business is changing rapidly. We are responding by increasing the speed and vigor of management to get the best out of Seatorium’ s technological and managament capabilities. Through proactive management, we aim to achieve further growth with enhanced profitability and greater financial robustness.

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Furniture From Turkey (FFT) - Biggest Furniture Exporter of Turkey - Recommended by R. Tayyip Erdoğan!

Whether you are looking for bedrooms, dining rooms, tv units, wall units, living rooms, sofa sets, corner sofas, l sofas, chairs, kitchen furniture or all kinds of furniture which are manufactured in Turkish Furniture Manufacturers or looking for solution partners that you want to work with for your auditorium, school, cafe, restaurant, hotel lobby projects. Furniture from turkey (FFT) is your only reliable and trustworthy destination. We have turkish furniture factories and companies under FFT association and all of our customers are protected by FFT Standards. If you are looking for solution partners for those areas, you have found the right company. Airports & Stations, Clinics & Hospitals, Concert Halls & Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Convention Centers, Ferries & Cruise Ships, Hotels & Conventions, Movie Theaters & Cinemas,Multipurpose Macro-spaces, Multipurpose Spaces, Parliement Buildings, Religious Centers, Sport Stadiums,Theaters,Universities& Schools.

As FFT, we also can help you import furniture for those areas; Café & Coffee Shop Chairs, Café & Coffee Shop Tables, Restaurant Chairs, Restaurant Tables, Lobby & Lounge, Hotel Lobby Seating, Office Lobby Seating, Hospital Lobby Seating, School Lobby Seating, Reception Seating, Waiting Room Seating, Shopping Mall Seating, Bar & Bistro, Office Seating. If you are looking for Hotel Furniture for your hotel projects, contact us and we'll work on your project with our tens of profesional interior designers. We can open your CAD files, 3D designs, AutoCad and 3dsmax extensions.