Furniture From Turkey (FFT) is the biggest furniture association focused on exporting Turkish Furniture all around the world.

With it's powerful members and factories, FFT offers thousands of quality furniture under FFT Standards.

We have exported over 200.000.000$ worth furniture since 2007.

Italian Quality With Chinese Prices


No commission. No middlemen. No big stores. No stress. We're just a passionate team bringing a new way to buy furniture: cutting out the fuss so you can get beautifully made pieces at a price to suit you.


We can give the best price because we are selling large quantities world wide. Our exclusive dealers enjoy our low price policy. We will be happy, only if our exclusive dealers are happy. Our policy is to sell in large quantities and in low price.


Will a long term relationship be possible without a good quality? The answer is simple: No! Product Quality in our company is protected by FFT Standards. Our exclusive dealers like to work with us because of the quality assurance by FFT.

Comfortable & Perfect Trade


Buying furniture from Turkey is not easy. Nearly 80 per cent of furniture manufacturers do not have a certain level of institutionalization. So service is one of the most important points that distinguishes us from the others. In FFT, satisfaction of our customers is in the center of marketing policy.


We are offering our customers A-Z Solution in furniture business. Beside our Standard products we provide also Import Consultancy. We also have a Project Department where we offer tailored services.


Our Exclusive Dealers will provide us their logo and we apply all labeling, packing and branding under your company logo.

Our VIP Members


All kinds of quality sofas.

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You need chairs? That's where you should buy.

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Auditorium & Fixed Seating Solutions. A-to-Z Projects.

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Dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, TV units.

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What our customers say about FFT?

"I am very pleased that I contacted FFT. Took only 1 day to buy 2x40' containers full of sofa sets. There was not one piece broken or damaged when I received items. Couldn't be happier. My customers love Turkish products. I'll buy another 2 containers next month."

Matthew A.

"Hilton Hotels had given me your details. I had been looking to buy some bar stools after seeing your products in their new hotel at London Bankside. When my order arrived, I said to myself "What a wonderful service"!"

Ethan E.

"I have 5 showrooms in Lebanon and as soon as I started selling FFT products my profit doubled. I buy with competitive prices and sell with high profit margin because of the quality."

Marzuq K.

"Great products, fantastic service. Thank you!"

Erskine T.

Our Awards & Winnings
Legal Entities of FFT
Corporate Title:
Global Export Mobilya Tekstil İhracat ve İnternet Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti.

Tax Office: Nilüfer - Tax No: 5540260644

İhsaniye Mah. Kanuni Cad. Görkem Sit. E Blok 35 E/C

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Furniture From Turkey (FFT) - Biggest Furniture Exporter of Turkey - Recommended by R. Tayyip Erdoğan!

Whether you are looking for bedrooms, dining rooms, tv units, wall units, living rooms, sofa sets, corner sofas, l sofas, chairs, kitchen furniture or all kinds of furniture which are manufactured in Turkish Furniture Manufacturers or looking for solution partners that you want to work with for your auditorium, school, cafe, restaurant, hotel lobby projects. Furniture from turkey (FFT) is your only reliable and trustworthy destination. We have turkish furniture factories and companies under FFT association and all of our customers are protected by FFT Standards. If you are looking for solution partners for those areas, you have found the right company. Airports & Stations, Clinics & Hospitals, Concert Halls & Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Convention Centers, Ferries & Cruise Ships, Hotels & Conventions, Movie Theaters & Cinemas,Multipurpose Macro-spaces, Multipurpose Spaces, Parliement Buildings, Religious Centers, Sport Stadiums,Theaters,Universities& Schools.

As FFT, we also can help you import furniture for those areas; Café & Coffee Shop Chairs, Café & Coffee Shop Tables, Restaurant Chairs, Restaurant Tables, Lobby & Lounge, Hotel Lobby Seating, Office Lobby Seating, Hospital Lobby Seating, School Lobby Seating, Reception Seating, Waiting Room Seating, Shopping Mall Seating, Bar & Bistro, Office Seating. If you are looking for Hotel Furniture for your hotel projects, contact us and we'll work on your project with our tens of profesional interior designers. We can open your CAD files, 3D designs, AutoCad and 3dsmax extensions.