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Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I see the property once more after making an offer?

Yes, you will be able to book as numerous viewings as you like, giving the dealer agrees. 

How do I book a viewing? 

If you discover a property you need to see, essentially call, mail or pop into the Green & Company office dealing with the deal. Our department group will do the rest. 

Will the property holder be there when I see a property?

In a few cases, you will meet a Green & Company property expert at the property, in other cases; the mortgage holder will appear you around. It essentially depends if the vendor has asked to go with viewings or inclines toward doing it themselves. Either way, feel free to ask as numerous questions as you wish.

What does the exchange of contracts mean? 

Exchange of contracts is the point at which you’re legitimately bound to purchase the house and no one can back out of the transaction.

How do I know how much I can borrow? 

How much storage will I need? Speak to a budgetary consultant, who can exhort on all perspectives of a contract counting how much you will be able to borrow and what store you might require. We have a team of Monetary Consultants with the entire advertising get-to contracts – book and arrangement here. 

Are there any government-supported plans that might offer assistance I buy? Yes. there is two government-supported Offer assistance to Purchase Value Credit plans accessible in Britain which offer advances of 20% towards the buy of a modern construct domestic, given you pay 5% store and raise the remaining reserves through a mortgage.

 The Offer assistance to Purchase Value Advance conspire concludes on 28th  February 2021 – and is accessible to all homebuyers. The Assistance to Purchase Value Credit (2021-2023) plot is accessible for buys from April 2021 and will run until 2023. Usually, as it were accessible to first-time buyers. 

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