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Common questions about property in Turkey

Wouldn’t I get a less expensive cost when I go to the engineer straightforwardly?

Therefore, much of the time we will assist you with improving costs than ordinary. Some of the time, the engineers may likewise have exceptional advancements for our organization as we have various deals in certain periods. No. Regardless of whether you pass without anyone else or through the consultancy of our organization, the designers offer the same costs. Indeed, as we are specialists around here, we know how much rebate you can get contingent upon the undertaking 

Would I be able to add my companion and child’s names in the bit deed? 

Indeed, you can even add your folk’s name. 

Can my family get a residency license as well? 

Indeed. Your significant other and your youngsters under 18 years of age can likewise get a residency license after your application. 

Where precisely is the focal point of Istanbul? 

Istanbul has a populace of 17 million and there are 39 areas in the city. A significant number of these regions have a populace of 500,000 individuals living in and every one of these areas has its focuses. Therefore, you will want to discover whatever you need in the area you live in. This is an extremely basic inquiry that is being posed by outsiders and there is a major misinterpretation here as neither Taksim nor Sultanahmet are the focuses of Istanbul. These are the touristic regions. 

What is a guarantee to sell arrangements? 

There are three sorts of property deals in the Turkey Guarantee to Sell Agreement; this kind of agreement is generally marked when the property is yet under development. Also, it is ONLY substantial when seared before a Notary distributes with the presence of purchaser, merchant, and interpreter. 

Real Sales Agreement; this is essentially the TAPU (Title Deed). As per Turkish laws, the offer of a property must be finished before the significant land vault official with the presence of purchaser, merchant, and interpreter. Property Booking/perseveration contract; this is marked when you pay the store and hold the property by your name. 

What is the upkeep charge that I need to pay for a compound? 

Contrasted with different urban areas like Dubai, support charges in Istanbul are entirely sensible. Generally, month to month it will associate with 1-1.5 USD/m2. For example, for a two-room loft, which is 100 m2, you will be paying 100 USD each month for the upkeep expense to the administration. 

Anyway Depending on the venture, the upkeep expenses will contrast without a doubt. When there are more offices in a compound, upkeep charges can increment. 

Would I be able to buy property without having a home grant? 

Indeed, you can. 

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