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Differences between flats and apartments

Some parts of the world are more likely to refer to a unit as an apartment within a building primarily designed for residence, while a unit in a building may be considered a flat originally for a different purpose that was converted into a living room. 

For this reason, many individuals equate flats with older buildings that often have more character than the construction of a modern cookie cutter. While the words vary, when they are used in the United States, “flat” and “apartment” are commonly used interchangeably.

In the U.K., it can be referred to as an apartment if a unit is two or more floors.

Although the terms apartment and flat are often used interchangeably, because of their “flat” nature, some people refer to single-storied units as flats.

The word flat is most frequently used in the United Kingdom, where a similar Unit is more likely to be referred to as an apartment in North America.

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