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Facilities and location of Turkish apartments

Air conditioning, basketball court, coffee shops, central heating, children’s recreation, cinema, concierge services, double glazing, amenities, equipped kitchen, gym, elevator, marble offices, restaurant, satellite, sauna, shops, storage, terrace, Turkish bath, etc. Every corner of Istanbul is full of life and action, but you can, of course, find traffic. And other different facilities that meet the residents’ needs and satisfaction. 

Location of Turkish Apartments

For over 2,000 years, Istanbul has been one of the world’s prominent political, historical, and artistic centers. In reality, there is no need to talk about Istanbul’s significance. Therefore, if you do not know Istanbul, but think or plan to buy an apartment in Istanbul, we can provide a range of reasons to show how right your choice or intention is. You will find adequate details on the city and apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey in the rest of the article, which will be helpful before you come here. A city of two parts, Asia and Europe, Istanbul is the only city in the world to be situated on both continents, separated only by the majestic Bosphorus straits leading to the Black Sea from the Marmara Sea. Istanbul’s Asian side is mostly ignored, but in tradition, culture, and architecture, this side of the city has just as much to offer. The Asian side of the city center is the busy Kadikoy area, also known as the Taksim of the Asian side of the city and the cultural center, and hosts one of Turkey’s busiest street markets. According to Law 5747, published in the Turkish Official Gazette on 22 March 2008, the city consists of a total of 39 districts, of which 25 are on the European side and 14 on the Anatolian side. 

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