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Five features of amazing Luxury Apartment

Here are a few of our top premium features to look out for during your apartment hunt if you’re looking to upgrade your accommodation.


A whole team of helpful workers typically services city apartment buildings containing luxury flats to assist with maintenance and to provide other valuable facilities. Check for a property that can call for taxis and make reservations for you with its concierge, and have the cleaning service assist with your apartment maintenance.

Panoramic views

If you are picking for a city cushion near to the office, look for a property that sits above the horizon or indeed a penthouse domestic, where you will appreciate marvelous sees over the housetops. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a must, particularly in case they too open out onto a porch or overhang. Huge windows permit light to surge in and make your modern extravagance level feel indeed more spacious – just make beyond any doubt you’re not confronting into any other buildings where your security may well be prevented. This spectacular two-bedroom New York Upper West Side apartment illustrates how powerful floor-to-ceiling windows can be, with views touching the horizon and sweeping through the entire city. It also has two king-sized suites, two bathrooms, and excellent safety standards.

Gym and fitness facilities

Numerous astounding extravagance lofts will moreover offer wellbeing and way of life benefits within the shape of exercise center suites, pools, and indeed spa rooms or saunas. You will work out at your comfort and in your claim domestic without having to form time in your schedule to go to an open complex. On the off chance that your exercise center is shared by your building, this can be a calm and loose way of assembly your neighbors without the space feeling overcrowded.

Outdoor entertaining areas

When the summer months roll around, make sure that you have some outdoor space with a cozy terrace or balcony to entertain you. If they have a view to admire and a seating area where they can sit back and relax while you cook their food on the grill, these alternatives become even more impressive to your guests.  If you find a property with a wide outdoor area during your apartment search, fill it with sun-loving plants and shrubs to create a relaxing place after a long day to sit quietly and read. This unique Hong Kong property features both the front and the rear of the property with outdoor terraces, offering outstanding views of the lush landscape.


When you pay premium rates, the possibility is that you’re getting a lot of extra space for your money. Think open-plan kitchen areas with plenty of storage and work desk space, as well as an area perfect for an island in the middle where your guests can relax and enjoy appetizers.  Look out for incredible high ceiling luxury apartments that allow chandeliers to be hung and plenty of artwork on the walls without them looking cluttered. This amazing property is one of Manhattan’s biggest condominiums, offering over 10,000 sq. Feet and views that look out over the scenic Hudson River.

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