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General Features of Turkey Commercial Apartments

The commercial shops are too neighboring Ataturk Air terminal. The commercial shops are 500 mt to Istanbul Kultur College, 750 mt to Istanbul World Exchange Center and CNR-EXPO Reasonable Center, 5 km to Atakoy Yacht Marina and Florya Ataturk Timberland, 8 km to TEM Interstate, 12 km to the Brilliant Horn, and 15 km to Taksim Square. On the off chance that you would like to purchase a shop in Istanbul Turkey, this venture could be a culminate option. Commercial shops are in a mixed-use private complex extend with an 8000 m² arrive range. Comprising of 2 squares of 16-stories, the venture has 302 flats and 20 shops in add up to. The prepared-to-move venture has indoor and open-air shopping, 7/24 technic back, security cameras, and security accessible for its inhabitants and store-owners. 

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