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Hospitals for Medical Tourism in Turkey

In addition, we must emphasize that some Turkish hospitals are affiliated with top medical providers in United States of America.  Amongst these institutions, we can name Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Nearly 50% of physicians in Turkey acquire (additional) training in the Western countries.

Turkish Hospitals that are providing service for foreigners, i.e. serving medical tourism in Turkey are equipped with the most up-to-date medical technologies and have board-certified staff.

Beside its astonishing medical achievements, Turkey has been very well known for its glamorous thermal centers and spa resorts, some of these facilities have been active even since the time of the Romans. 

Today, all of the hospitals in Turkey together with other healthcare-related facilities offer a wide range of procedures and services for travellers who come to Turkey with medical purposes. Below, we have presented some of such services provided by Turkish medical tourism centers:

Most Common Treatments done by Medical Tourists in Turkey

Plastic Surgery

Fertility and Sterility

General and Aesthetic Dentistry

Beauty Centers

Eye Health

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

Renal Dialysis

Stem Cell Transplantations

Sleep Disorders

Psoriasis Treatment


Oxygen Therapy

There are many other fields where travellers from different destinations can come to Turkey and enjoy wide range of generous services. 

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