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How much does a villa in Istanbul cost?

Princess Island offers beachside villas in Istanbul, usually at eye-watering prices, for those who want the best of both worlds – both city and country life. The portfolio still delivers, from the waterfront Yali mansions of the Bosphorus to luxurious Istanbul villas with private baths, landscaped gardens, and the latest in home décor and architecture. Our listings include villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, but in several seafronts and inland neighborhoods on the European side as well. Where to Buy Istanbul Villas? In determining where to shop, your budget will play a major role. 

A fair house in the outer suburbs of Istanbul can be picked from about Euro 300,000, but one should be prepared to part with no less than Euro 750,000 for a decent standard and facilities. Buyers of villas in Istanbul can expect the creme de la creme of the Turkish real estate market. The Bosphorus shorefront is home to many luxury villas for sale, known as Yali mansions.

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