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How to Invest in Land in Turkey?

Buying Land for Foreigners in Turkey

Also, the benefits of buying land in our country, under certain conditions, foreigners can purchase land. The most significant thing is that only 30 hectares of real estate can be bought by foreigners in Turkey. Also, foreigners have the right to own immovable property to the extent of 10% of the district subject to private property during the acquisition process; the foreigner applies first to the Land Registry Directorate. 

In addition to the transport network, wellness, entertainment, and similar circumstances are among the elements that increase the value of those lands, foreign investors prefer to invest in these regions. Many foreign people in the new and ever-developing Turkey tend to invest in property. They study and invest in available land, with Arab people at the top of the list. The circumstances and design of Turkey’s land make foreign investors prefer Turkey. Metropolises, where the transport network is strengthened, are among the most desired places in particular.

Meanwhile, purchasing land in Turkey from foreign investors also offers some benefits. And there are some things to pay attention to do the right land investment. A qualified interpreter must be present during the application process, including a title deed, an identification card, a document including the current value of the land, and whether the buyer or seller does not speak Turkish. The prerequisite for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship is to buy land that is worth at least 250.000 dollars.

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