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Looking for land in Turkey

The word real estate derives from the term real estate, which for centuries has meant land and all that is real estate. 

In Turkey, there are many hidden portfolios. So the land is not being advertised anywhere, but we know in fact that the owner is ready to sell. The landowners are fond of being discreet about it. In most cases, the sale of land in Turkey would mean that the financial position of the person is not very strong. As property prices rise, the land is becoming increasingly valuable. In Turkey, the demand for building land has never been more competitive. Due to the nature of the sector, we are unable to upload all the last-minute and up-to-date information here in this section. 

What is Land?

Land can be described as the earth’s surface downwards to the center of the earth and infinitely upwards. It includes all, namely trees and water that is attached to it. The land also includes air rights, surface rights, and rights to the subsurface (minerals and natural resources, e.g. metals, iron, ore, oil. Etc.). 

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