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Speak and check recent transactions in the region with independent values and real estate agents. Do not depend on the developer or their agent for advice. If you are buying off the schedules, this is especially important. You want to know that at least what you have paid will represent the value of the finished apartment. Decide on the area you want to buy an apartment. This may be involving spending some time in that area or at least doing some research at home.

Thought that you have found the apartment that is for sale

Check that the property you are interested in is close to the facilities you need. A helpful tip if you want to earn some time, such as stores, public transport, parks, hospitals, schools, work, gym, etc. Consider if the building is close to bars, cafes, or other live music venues when you decide to live in an apartment. Can your lifestyle be influenced by noise? Is it a good idea to schedule a building inspection during the evening or peak hour traffic before you consent to the purchase? What is the volume of passing traffic? During peak hours, would it be noisy? What, for example, are the security precautions so anybody can step into the building? 

Are there any cameras for security? Does it have a balcony to let you 

Enjoy the view or the sunlight in the afternoon! Alternatively, are you obscured by other systems or facing the sun in the wrong way? How old is the building? Are any facilities likely to need maintenance or replacement? You should remember the age of the house. It is highly recommended that before deciding to purchase, you obtain a report on the building from an architect or engineers. This would be a significant question to ask if you have a car. 

Will be parking for cars and do you have to pay extra for it?

 Check with the apartment seller if you would be made available for his/her parking slot. Talk to the company’s secretary and inquire about a parking spot if the previous owner did not have a car. Find out how high the maintenance cost is, what is included, and what is included in the fee now. Car parking charges can be separate, for example. When they buy a new apartment, many people do not think about this issue. The municipal tax, property tax, valuation tax, water charges, common energy charges, elevator charges, and hired assistance charges, such as the garbage cleaner and protection, will generally be covered. 

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