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The potential drawbacks of villa communities


This one was clear. The price reflects that because you get to land and a house for yourself. If you consider the same neighborhood, a villa in the same area will cost 3-5 times the price of 2bhk.


In an apartment building, as there are more typical services, walls, drainage, many parties typically involve terraces in most maintenance activities. Therefore, they have things done quicker. In Villa Neighborhoods, it sometimes becomes the resident’s headache to have maintenance work done inside / just outside the building.

Poor rental yield

If you manage to attract tenants at all, the rent in busy areas will be at most equal to or less than apartments. That means that the yield of the annual rent will be lower than that of a flat.


In areas far from the city and workplaces, Villa Communities are usually found. Complexes of apartments and their various aspects besides being more economical, also offer a host of other advantages, making them extremely popular. Look around, as compared to villa neighborhoods, chances are high that you will see more apartment complexes. Also, that is not shocking. Apartments can provide lodging for twice as many people as a villa group can.

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