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Homeowners decide to make a change for several reasons: 

homes become too small, 

homes become too big, 

work move, 

change in marital status, 


health problems

Also, several other reasons. But what if you don’t want your current home to be sold? What if your goal, instead, is to turn your home into an investment property that generates rental income for you? Here are the steps to make that a reality:

Main residence vs Criteria for investment property 

Unlike purchasing a primary home, when it comes to finding an investment property, there is a range of extra criteria. For instance, buying rental property would require a down payment that usually ranges from 15% to 25%. The minimum down payment required for an owner-occupied primary residence will vary from zero down to 5% down, depending on the loan program. 

Other than the larger down payment, the higher interest rate is one of the most important variations when purchasing an investment property. That is .5 percent to .75 percent higher than their counterparts that are owner-occupied. It would also usually require higher credit scores to buy a non-owner-occupied home than what is required for primary residences. Often, when purchasing a non-owner-occupied home, asset reserves are necessary. The sums needed for PITII by your lender are asset reserves (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance). Investment property reserve criteria are usually six months of PITI or more.

Renting out the home you bought as your primary residence

New home buyers will want to pick the home they buy strategically if they intend to rent the home out. Note that would mean a slightly lower down payment to fund the home as an owner-occupied house. As well as a variety of other distinct benefits, borrowers will also benefit from a lower interest rate. Doing so, however, would also constitute the term “F” in mortgage lending-fraud. Mortgage fraud is a serious problem and one you’ll want to stay away from. For your investor, it’s best to be upfront.

Occupancy Requirements & Buying A Second Home

At the closing table, you sign documentation expressing your purpose to involve the domestic as your essential home. Your contract bank ordinarily anticipates you to live within the domestic as your essential domestic for at slightest 12 months sometimes recently changing over it to a rental property, and they will have issued you a mortgage accordingly. 

Nevertheless, what if you do have genuine reasons for requiring changing over you are as of late procured essential home to a speculation property? There are ways to change over your essential home into a rental property.

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