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Turkey is a promising country.

Here, with the secular state, Muslim culture is in harmony. Therefore, as they wish, everybody can live a life. Turkey offers a forum for families and enterprises to thrive and establish themselves. If you are looking for a new family destination, you can buy a house priced at USD 250K, get citizenship by savings, and l Use the investment to get citizenship and live with your family in the home. At the same time, an investor who creates new jobs has the potential to grow their company and obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, when adding manpower to your company, you can profit from the blessings of acquiring a Turkish individual in the business world. The system by which Turkish citizenship is acquired by creating The Real Estate Investment Fund is the Turkish Citizenship Investment Scheme, and the Venture Capital Investment Fund consists of money raised from eligible investors in exchange for equity shares. These companies aim to manage an asset and transaction portfolio decided by the Board of Capital Markets. Investments made by buying shares for 3 years cannot be sold by the investor otherwise; the authority will cancel the citizenship decision. 

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