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How is design?

Roman villas could be one of two designs:  A villa Rustica, which will be more of a country estate in modern times. These villas were farther away from Rome, still providing the same environment and facilities of an urban villa, but included farmland, cattle, and, generally, slaves to tend to agricultural production fields. The urban villa, which was fairly close to the city of Rome, was accessible within a few days. It offered an escape from the city for the wealthy but was not inherently able to be a completely functional farm estate.

The current usage of the term villas 

A villa is more similar to the townhome than a condominium since it is built to feel like separate spaces, whereas mainly shared hallways reach a condominium, elevators, etc. A townhome is typically built with a terraced multi-story look, whereas a villa is usually a single story and designed to imitate historic Roman villas’ garden spaces.

Today, especially in Turkey, a villa more often refers to a lower- or middle-income housing arrangement where the house shares a wall with another house, similar to a townhome or condominium arrangement. With this type of dwelling, you are in charge of maintaining your house but not the property surrounding it. To have a clearer understanding of what the term means about your house or vacation-home quest, learn the historical roots of the term villa as well as the modern meaning.

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