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What do you understand by real estate?


Refers to the earth’s surface, including plants, rocks, and water, down to the center of the earth and upwards to the airspace above. 

Real estate 

Is the property, plus any permanent fabricated additions, such as dwellings, residences, and other structures? 

Real property 

The interests, advantages, and rights inherent in the possession of real estate are one of the two principal classifications of land. In general, real estate includes the actual surface of the house, what lies above and below it, what is permanently attached to it, plus all ownership rights, including the right to buy, sell, rent, and enjoy the property Real property should not be confused with personal property, which includes all properties that do not match the real property concept. The key feature of personal property is that it is movable. Vehicles, aircraft, furniture, clothes, and smartphones are examples. Real estate is a critical engine of U.S. economic development. The study contains details on building permits, housing starts, and construction of housing, separated into three distinct categories: 

One-family dwellings Homes, which have 2-4 units Investors and analysts, keep a close eye on housing starts because the statistics may provide a general sense of economic direction.

Multifamily buildings with five or more units, such as apartment complexes. 

Also, the types of new beginnings in housing 

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