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What is the Requirement of Turkish citizenship by investment?

For kids above the age of 18, whether they are disabled and in need of continuous treatment, they are not granted citizenship. 

The Turkish citizenship process ends within 30 days of the date of the filing. 

Besides, the real estate purchaser and his family members are granted temporary residency permits. 

Acquire real estate worth at least USD 250,000 Without any national restraint, anyone who buys real estate worth at least USD 250,000 may become a Turkish citizen. 

Build work for at least 50 individuals, as stated by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services Committing at least USD 500,000 in government bonds or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira Not only accommodation, but you can also gain the right to be a Turkish citizen by buying various types of real estates, such as an office, a store or a house.

To be able to speak Turkish at a stage capable of adjusting to social life, Willingness to use the pension plan It will not take longer than 2-3 months to acquire Turkish citizenship. 

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