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What property can foreigners buy in Turkey?

A trained and recognized land registry must be used by non-Turkish speakers. If it isn’t inside a military region, most nationalities will own up to 30 hectares of land. They may purchase up to 10 percent of the land within a village or small town, as specified by the Directorate General for Land Registry and Cadastre. 

The land office recognizes Powers of Attorneys issued at Turkish embassies or consulates around the world if the buyer cannot be there in person to sign the deeds. The transfer of ownership would not be accepted by the title deeds office if there were land restrictions such as loans or mortgages from the local council. Hire a lawyer to stop this situation from the get-go. Regardless of nationality, if you buy land to build on it, within two years of purchase, the proposal must be submitted for approval.  These properties are for buying:

Industrial real estate: Because of its low cost, this type of property is common in Turkey, as it is in rural areas away from the city center, and industrial properties include factories, warehouses, manufacturing centers, in addition to shops and research and distribution centers. These properties in Turkey offer guaranteed income to the owner of the property when leased for investment purposes. Residential apartments outside a residential complex: It normally consists of individual buildings and consists of a maximum of 4-10 floors, but without any facilities, except for public services given in each neighborhood by the Turkish government. In addition, the average price of Turkish apartments in independent buildings outside residential complexes is approximately $60 thousand and varies depending on the location of the property. The prices of Istanbul apartments in independent buildings located in tourist and industrial neighborhoods, for example, are higher than others.

Buying villas in Turkey: Usually, individual villas are clustered in prestigious neighborhoods of the country or mega residential complexes. The independent villa is also considered, due to its high cost, to be one of the least demanded real estate compared to other types of properties. The villa consists of two, three, or more floors, ideal for large families, and is a separate structure. The villa features a private garden and a private pool is sometimes given. It is also encircled in all directions by fences and has a private entrance. 


Swimming pools.

Sauna and fitness centers.

Turkish baths.

Cleaning, care, and maintenance services for buildings.

Private gardens and playgrounds.

Commercial properties


shopping centers

Educational and medical buildings

Restaurants and cafes

Office units

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