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Why prefer Turkey for websites and landing pages?

Following countries such as India and China behind the trained manpower in the field of software, coding and the use of low-code platforms, Turkish companies, with strong investment and technological breakthrough, try to make Turkey “software giant, told us IT specialist Emir Han in Iteally.

Mobile-friendly solutions is the key. Research shows that 60 percent of people prefer to use mobile applications, which is increasing day by day with more mobile devices entering our lives. It has become inevitable for companies to integrate mobile friendly websites for their businesses. Employees, business partners and customers are mainly using mobile devices. With the digital transformation requirements brought about by the pandemic process, platforms that enable companies to develop fast mobile applications and integrate data with all their systems are the best solutions in this mobile transformation.

“As Iteally, we have allocated all our resources for developing mobile-friendly solutions. The pace of our brand’s development is parallel to the boom in the Turkish IT sector,” he said. 

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