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Why to invest in real estate in Turkey?

Many people start to consider buying real estate in Turkey after they visit this sunny country as tourists and enjoy its ‘all inclusive’ hospitality. A great number of them are looking for a nice apartment or villa by the sea where they will be able to spend short holidays several times a year. For some people the main reason of buying a property is permanent residence and the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship in the future. And, others consider Turkish real estate to be a profitable investment and plan to give their property for rent or resell it and earn on the price difference. Turkey offers a wide variety of real estate at extremely attractive prices. One can find simple affordable studio apartments as well as luxurious sea view penthouses and villas here. Foreigners are mostly attracted by the popular coastal touristic cities and cultural capital Istanbul because of the high number of affordable regular and charter flights available all year round. Getting around the country is very simple thanks to the perfect operation of the public transportation system. One of the obvious advantages of purchasing property in Turkey is the favorable visa regime and the easy procedure of obtaining a residence permit. Citizens of many countries can visit Turkey for tourism purposes without wasting time and money on visa application. And, owners of residence permits can enjoy beautiful climate, picturesque landscapes and abundance of delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables every day without leaving the country. Moreover, already after 5 years property owners can apply for Turkish citizenship and become equal citizens of this wonderful country.

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