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A few examples of ways to make a profit by owning land

Buy and Hold-After appreciation, purchase land at a reasonable price, hold and sell.  Create a Hunting Lease-Hunting lessees typically take good care of the leased land. They even do a wonderful job of patrolling the land and keeping poachers away. As with a farm lease, landowners usually receive enough to pay taxes and premiums from a hunting lease. Create a farming lease-Farmland has produced greater returns historically than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds over the long run. 

Normally, a landowner can earn enough from farm leases to pay taxes and insurance and yet earn a small profit. Bear in mind, however, that farmland is usually more costly and will require more capital to get started. For those looking to diversify their portfolio, raw land ownership may be a great investment. As a land specialist, I always suggest using your local National Land Realty agent’s experience so that you can explore your options and decide whether you are interested in land investment.  Offer Owner Financing- Often land loans can be hard to obtain from conventional banks. Offering support to a buyer owner is a way to sell the land and gain interest. Many lending deals with owners offer higher interest rates than conventional banks. 

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