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Land in Turkey

Either the local municipalities or the Turkish state belongs to these territories. This means you can build on it if you purchase land in Istanbul with a zoning permit.  However, you cannot build a house on it if you purchase property without a zoning permit. Your building would be unlicensed if you build on this kind of land and your construction will be taken down by the local municipality. 

For agriculture, a land without zoning permits is commonly used. In Istanbul, there are various types of land for rent, differing according to their zoning permits.

These are residential, commercial, agricultural, tourism, and mixed types of property. 

The kind of zoning would decide the intended intent of the buildings on these properties, as their name implies. 

In the case of a residential zoning permit, it is not necessary to develop a commercial property on land. It is only possible to use tourism land for tourist facilities. In Istanbul and other tourist locations in Turkey, there are several tourist places. 

Commercial land is for commercial use and includes several forms of property, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. This is the right form of land for you to purchase if you are thinking of building a property for your business. 

On the other side, industrial land is typically used for greater enterprise and output quantities, such as warehouses. 

To do agriculture in the rural areas of the district, some buyers buy farmland for sale in Istanbul. Because of the municipal decisions, these agricultural lands for sale in Istanbul may also obtain zoning permits in the future.  

Buyers of international property and investors are involved in selling land in Istanbul. Buyers, since it is a lucrative venture, choose residential and commercial land to build their buildings. There is also rural land for sale in Istanbul, in addition to land in the central locations of the city. 

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