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Complete guide for choosing an office chair


The design of high-quality office chair must necessarily have a five-way support on well-rotating wheels. It should have comfortable plastic armrests. The lack of armrests can lead to fatigue and loss of efficiency. Office chair should have conveniently located adjustment mechanisms to allow changing the inclination of the backrest in one move, seating height and armrest position, not rising at the same chair.The armrests can be adjusted in height and tilt. Adjustment mechanisms should be smooth. Adjusting the seat height is very important for people of small stature. The design of high-quality office chair should have a frame shape with lumbar roll under deflection. This design gives the anatomical shape of the chair back. The lower edge of the seat should be rounded, not to clamp the vessels on the legs. A thick layer of foam on the edges of the seat is used for optimal body fixation.


When choosing an office chair note the tilt angle between the backrest and the seat. It should be a little more than 90 degrees, allowing you to relax the lumbar spine when tilting back in his chair. The backrest of the chair should be anatomically shaped, that is, repeating the contours of your body and the back in particular. The chair back should be adjusted by the angle to sit and relax the body. The chair back for the head can be tilted more than 90 degrees. The back seat is best for visitors to set the floor at 90 degrees in order to emphasize the business style of communication. In this position, the client will feel relaxed, but at the same time, remember that he is in the office of the chief.


The surface of the seats should be smooth. The form of the seat should be rounded. It is desirable that the seat upholstery has a water- and vapor-permeable, breathable and environmentally friendly.


Armrests are desirable, but not necessary part, if we are talking about a chair for staff or visitors. The armrests are used to remove the load from the shoulders, neck and spine. In addition, they provide a comfortable hand position.


High-quality office chair must be made of environmentally friendly hygienic materials. It can be upholstery, leather or high-quality synthetics, which allows the skin to breathe and maintain a constant body temperature. It is also possible to use synthetic leather and plastic on the lower surfaces of the chair.


The color range of office chairs is determined based on the preferences of the customer. Office chairs should ideally be combined with the rest of the furniture and interior design in general. Dark colors are considered as classics of the genre.


The most popular office chairs are the chairs of Turkish, German, Italian and Polish production. The German and Italian furniture is not only very much appreciated, but also is expensive. Therefore not all firms can afford it. Here is where Turkish and Polish manufacturers step up. They give much lower priority, while maintaining high quality. Turkish office chairs also use the most recent structure and design inventions, what gives a chance to furnish the office with stylish and quality, but affordable office chairs.

If you are looking for a whole office renovation, and want to find office chairs, that will suit your whole interior design, or even will have custom changes – it’s wise to contact directly manufacturer, where customer support will help you to arrange full set of office chairs for your work space.

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