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Contemporary Living Room Color Trends To Watch Out In 2015

To help you find the right patterns and combination, there is an assembled list of latest trends of 2015 for painting the contemporary living room. So, let us take a look at what is hot in this year. 

Color Combinations

Current trend in color for contemporary living room suggests that pastel shades are in and bright shades are out except for the few, un-done shades of bright. Pastel shades of pink such as pale pink, cherry blossom pink, bubblegum pink look great when coupled with light shades of green and blue. Sea green and shades of light purple make a nice combination. In brighter shades orange and pink, green and violet make a hot choice. A few neon shades are also in fashion when they are coupled with more subtle shade, for example, neon lime green can be coupled with pale pink and neon yellow looks great when matched with lighter hue of orange. If you want to do an all luster room with a single bright color or matching two bright colors then opt for shades of red, gold and green together. It gives the room a perfect sheen. Shades of gold and copper also go well with white with a little detailing at the corners. One pattern which is rocking the color runway since two years is monochrome. Paint your room with monotone of whites, pink and lemon green and you will feel rejuvenated every time you will step into your living room.

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