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Customized Stadium Seats Provide A Win-Win Situation For All

Stadium Chairs And Promotions  

Advertising and promotion are a major concern for all companies today. They are constantly trying to find different and innovative ways and means of promoting their products. After having exhausted television, radio, posters, banners, hoardings and other similar traditional promotional techniques, many companies are now resorting to using a stadium seat as a channel for the promotion of their product. These companies get these seats customized with their product photos and company logos and donate these seats to the stadiums. Whenever a game is played at this stadium, the name of the company gets displayed and viewed on television along with the game by millions of people watching the match. This is one of the best ways of reaching out to the maximum number of people. Another big advantage is that the name of the company stays displayed during the entire telecast of the match which generally last for hours at a stretch. This is a onetime investment, and the name stays engraved for a very long time through these seats.  

Cost Effective For The Stadium  

Buying and installation of stadium chairs is an expensive affair and forms a major portion of the total cost involved in the building and maintenance of these stadiums. Therefore, whenever a company chooses to donate these chairs to the stadium with their names engraved on them, the stadium is able to save a large amount of money. Thus, this scheme is beneficial for both the companies as well as the stadium.  

Many Turkish exporters offer to customize the chairs and also provide the facility of installation of these chairs in the stadiums.

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