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Deciding If Maintenance Of Leather Living Room Sets Is Easier Or Not

Microfiber Living Room Set 

The maintenance of these sets is pretty difficult. They need to be vacuumed on a regular basis in order to keep them looking clean and fresh. All the dirt and dust stuck to the furniture will get removed through this vacuuming process. One should never use any hard brush or any other harsh cleaning material for these fabrics since they may leave a dent or a scratch on the furniture. If the fabric is washable, then the covers should be removed at regular intervals and the same should be dry cleaned. One should also keep an eye out for bugs in the couches which form a part of these living room sets.  

Leather Living Room Sets 

Maintenance of a leather set is slightly easier than the other. It can be easily vacuumed or in case of a stain, talcum powder can be used for its removal. However, if these don’t work, one will have to seek professional help in cleaning of these leather furniture sets. Some other precautions which one needs to take when using these sets is that, the leather furniture should not be exposed to either direct air conditioning nor sun rays. Similarly, the fresh morning paper should be kept on them as chances of the wet ink, leaving a stain on them are very high. Besides the above rule, basic hygiene rules like removing shoes before sitting on the couch, etc. should also be followed. These rules need to be followed even if you have the best quality Turkish furniture in your house.

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