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Ditch Peppy Colors, Pick White Side Table and Vases Instead

When it comes to furniture people often go for neutral looking colors or evergreen texture and sadly white is not one of the favorites, because of many reasons, high maintenance and monotony among others. But with these disadvantages white has many advantages also and despite of all these cons white makes a perfect color for furniture. If not in large area, white can be picked for small furniture and showpieces. White vases and white side tables look amazing when paired with bright colors. Here is a list of why to choose white for side tables and other small furnishings.

Illusion of Space

White creates an illusion of space; rooms with white furnishing tend to look more spacious. If you are reluctant to pick white sofas or coffee tables then go for white side tables, mirror frames or vases.

Monochromatic Trend

Monochromatic scheme looks great in living room. White tables, curtain and paints is a basic style tip for monochrome. Monochrome gives a look of power decoration which many celebrities are fond of. 

Balance the Color

White color balances and neutralizes other bright colors, so even if you have a bright sheen décor it can never go over the top with white colored small furnishings placed at the corners. 

White is Color for Corner

As white makes a room looks more spacious, it is preferred to use at the corners of the room where it creates a deception of space. A little table at the corner or a white vase near a window is a latest in thing in decors.

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