Auditorium Seats

Durability is important in stadium seating

If you yourself are a fan of sports events, you know how it feels to sit for hours on hard, uncomfortable seats, envying those in the VIP lodges, waiting for the moment your team strikes a point only so you could jump on your feet and out of those seats. Don’t make your guests feel like that, equip your stadiums and sports halls with comfortable seats that will fill out the bleachers for the amount of time you need to say Seatorium!

Don’t be afraid of fires with our flameproof seats and show your domestic and foreign guests that you are keeping up with Europe and the world by choosing us to  equip your stadiums and sports halls with seats made according to UEFA/FIFA standards.

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first in Serbia that will proudly be able to welcome domestic and foreign teams, players and selectors and accommodate them in the best possible way with our seats made fit to equip stadiums and sports halls of any kind or size.

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