Auditorium Seats

How to handle large auditorium seating solutions?

In auditorium projects, quantities are mostly huge. A small mistake in production
can lead to a great loss of resources. Punctuality, sensitivity, and accuracy
are of paramount importance in the production process of Auditorium projects.
Seatorium management is commited to perfection.

A-to-Z Turn-Key Solutions

With its sister company Muazzam Interiors, Seatorium is able to offer all of the
customers A-to-Z Turn-Key Solutions for their projects. From auditoriums to
stadiums, cinemas to convention centers, Seatorium can deliver amazing results
in a short time.
The central idea is that every client has a story and that a work environment is a great
vehicle for telling it. When the company is doing its initial programming on a
project, Seatorium gets all the basics—the headcounts, the distances, the
adjacencies and so on—but also wants to know how this company got rolling, who
the people are, what they like to do. The company thinks of this process as
bespoke design—and applies it to every service that offer: commercial
interiors, branding, environmental graphics, tenant improvements, design

Seatorium can offer solutions for:

– Airports
& Stations

– Clinics
& Hospitals

– Concert
Halls & Auditoriums

Conference Rooms

Convention Centers

– Ferries
& Cruise Ships

– Hotels
& Conventions

– Churches
(Church Chairs)

– Movie
Theaters & Cinemas

Multipurpose Macro-spaces

Multipurpose Spaces

Parliament Buildings

– Religious

– Sport

– Theaters

Universities& Schools

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