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Modern Coffee Tables Adapting To Changing Times

The modern coffee tables have new causes, features and shapes.  

The Glass-Wood Combination 

This combination of glass and wood continues to exist even in the modern designs for coffee tables. However, the shape of the wooden legs and the glass on top has changed. Earlier it was only about square, round or oval glass tops with straight wooden legs, which may or may not have any work on them. But, today the legs and the glass top can be of any shape, size and style.  

Variations In The Coffee Tables 

The biggest change that has occurred in the designing of the coffee tables is that the modern coffee tables are being designed in a manner that makes them usable for multiple purposes. Thus, you may have a coffee table which has a conference table incorporated in it. These additions can be created with bamboo, rattan or any other similar exotic material.  

The changes that are being witnessed in the designs of the coffee tables are not a result of modern styling, but they are also happening because of the changes that are occurring in the designing of the homes. The houses today do not have as much open spaces as were present in the older homes. Therefore, we now need furniture which will easily fit into these smaller spaces and serve more than one purpose. The Turkish manufacturers for furniture have caught on to these changing trends very quickly and are ready with some of the most modern and contemporary designs for coffee tables.

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