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Side Tables Being Demanded As the Essential Peripheral Furniture Items

Apart from the traditional rectangular table top, the centre tables with square top have also gained wide acceptance, mainly because of the emergence of the sectional type furniture that is being requisitioned for the living rooms.  

Adding functionality and space  

The side tables have found acceptance as the peripherals in the bedroom and study rooms where these are used for different tasks. More broadly these offer a filling character to the left over spaces and also develop the storage functions. The recent concept is that of wardrobe type side table that doubles up as the cupboards also. The lower racks that are provided can be used for the storage of books and essentials. The yester decade saw the popularization of the side table mainly as a place for keeping the wired telephone as a distinct usage item. Later on, with the near elimination of the telephones, atleast from the homes these began to be used for décor and functional value addition.  

Modern side tables made out in metal and steel  

Now side tables are being developed as artistic items in them. The frontline furniture brands have employed their innovative ideas to make out glossy and shiny steel and brass tables that are being topped by the glass or transparent polycarbonate sheets. Double racked tables are also in good demand because more space is offered. The glass top also allows the natural light to reach the corner. 

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