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Top Examples of Contemporary Furniture

Furniture now-a-days don’t just fill the space but also add glamour to the monotonous or rather dull looking space. This decade has witnessed some of the ultra- modern and extremely advanced designs of furniture come and go in frenzy. These pieces were both well designed and also well equipped with technology and designed equally for comfort and luxury. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest transformation that made a mark in contemporary furniture market.

Couch-Beds or Sofa-Beds

A sofa bed or sleeper sofa is basically a sofa that comes with a thin mattress tied to a frame underneath the seating of the sofa that can be unfurled to make a bed. This is often termed as a hybrid of sofa and bed. They come real handy for small apartments with less space and can be moved easily. 

Tables with Storage

Who would have thought that the tables used for keeping a limited amount of things one day will have hidden storage space to keep unlimited amount of things. These center and coffee tables have huge hidden or visible storage space, sometimes larger than a kitchen cupboard. These are perfect example of contemporary furniture because they look chic and stylish and provide ample amount of the space at the same time.

Bunker Beds

Initially Bunker beds were designed for the places with limited area to fit in a bed, primarily for ships, prison cells and hostels but they have become a trend lately specially with kids. Almost every 4th family in USA uses bunker beds instead of regular bed for the rooms of the kids. These beds simply make room for more furniture and also have storage capacity depending on the design.

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