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Understanding The Concept Of Fainting Couch

Design Of This Couch 

This is a couch, which has a back which is raised in the traditional manner only from one side. This raised back gradually falls down and may or may not extend till the other end of the couch. Thus, you can have a couch, which has a back only on one side of the couch while you may also have a couch, which has a back on one side which is completed in the traditional manner while on the other side there is only a small part of this back extending. The backs on one side do resemble the traditional backs, but they are different from the traditional couches in the fact that these backs are present only on one side of the couch. Similarly, these couches can be differentiated from the modern couches from the fact that the work done on the back of these couches resembles the traditional backs.  

High Class Living Rooms 

The use of these fainting couches was earlier done only in those living rooms which were designed in a very special or high class manner. However, with changing times, this design of the couch has found its way into a normal living room as well.  

The design of these couches is very famous in turkey and many manufacturers there are manufacturing some really elegant couches based on this design. One can view all the Turkish designs for these couches by visiting the online sites of these manufacturers.

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