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Why you should buy sofa from Turkey?

Turkish furniture factories use the latest technologies in producing furniture, which is always up to world standards. Since 1990 the application of advanced technology and the use of CNC benches in the Turkish furniture industry have been increasing. Today, all of the large enterprises in the furniture sector use CNC benches. Most companies are equipped with modern machinery which allows the production of good, export-quality products. Quality control starts from the stage when the raw material is produced and continues till the end of the packaging process. Most of the companies have already obtained ISO 9000 certificates and other required quality certificates. Since furniture design is an important aspect of marketing, Turkish designers are constantly following consumer preferences in foreign markets and introduce new designs and make model variations and improvements. Turkish furniture manufacturers and exporters are aware of the fact that market trends and consumer behavior play an important role in the development and design of new products. Since Turkey has a strong textile industry, Turkish furniture manufacturers have the advantage of being able to use and to monitor a wide range of colorful new fabric collections as upholstery. 

In 2020, Turkey exported furniture to 172 countries throughout the world. The main markets for furniture exports were Iraq, Germany, Azerbaijan, Iran and France. In recent years, Turkish furniture companies have been establishing showrooms and depots in increasing numbers in most of these countries. The Turkish contracting sector is one of the major sectors exporting services. Turkish contractor companies who have undertaken construction work abroad have completed many housing complexes, tourism projects, hospitals and health center projects, most of which were decorated with Turkish furniture. Turkish furniture is designed and made from the highest quality materials to ensure comfort, performance and attractive appearance for a very long life. Different styles are produced such as classical, traditional and contemporary. With its designers and architects combined with its flexible production capacity, the Turkish furniture industry is able to satisfy the requirements of all individual markets all over the world.

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