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Coffee Tables with Storage Capacity: An Essential for Living Room

Many simple furniture pieces have evolved from being a necessity to sumptuousness. It has thoroughly changed the way people look at furniture now.

Dawning of Coffee Table

One such part of this evolution of furniture is the coffee table. Culture of drinking coffee at coffee houses pioneered in early 1600s in Britain and soon after that coffee tables came into existence when a need was felt for specialized coffee tables. Prior to this people had tea-tables gracing their living room and also different, lovely looking tea tables were a common sight in tea-houses but having a table made especially for coffee was still an unconventional idea. With the spread of culture of drinking coffee, manufacturing of tables especially for coffee flourished. Initially they were designed similar to tea tables but with time a momentous change was observed in their design and patterns.

Evolution of Coffee Table

From a simplistic model, designs of coffee tables changed significantly over the time. Coffee tables in different shape, sizes and pattern have bombed the market. The most widely sold designs of coffee tables are those with the storage capacity to keep other things. Coffee tables with storage capacity is a new preferred trend as not only they can be used to put that marvelous cup of coffee but also to keep several other things, for example books, packs of cookies and much more. These coffee tables with storage capacity save a lot of space as they sock up a large number of things. Designs with hidden storage spaces have also become a favored choice lately. Tables with hidden shelves, drawers have enormous storage space and are flooding in the market. These improvisations are blended in the design flawlessly. All this storage capacity has made designs more efficient, significantly cutting on the cost of cabinets and other furniture.

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