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Comfortable Couch: Through the Lens of A User

Well so is the case with other millions of people living in this world? But the question is, why is couch such an essential part of our routine? Is it just a habit or the comfort? The answer to this is both. The reason why couch is such indispensible part of your life is because it is the ultimate comfort spot in our living room. We spend long hours of our day on this couch and an inch of discomfort on that couch makes us go crazy. 

What makes a couch so comfortable? 

Comfortable couch is everything we want after a tiring day or just to hang out with a bunch of friends. But what makes a couch so desirable and comfortable. There are no particular criteria for it. Different things work for different people. Some like it big and for other it is the just fluffiness regardless of the size. According to a recent survey by an ace furniture making industry people are more inclined to couches that are huge in size. Big and slouchy couches are preferred over upright and small sized couches. How comfortable couches are, depends on the fact what it is filled with. High quality of stuffing and strings are the reason for that utmost pleasure we get while sinking on the couch. Height and shape of the couch are yet another factors that stands vital in making a couch. So apparently a comfortable couch is the one with great stuffing, measured heights and shape.

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