Auditorium Seats

Different Types Of Chairs Supplied By The Stadium Seating Suppliers

Typical Stadium Seat Cushions  

Most of the seats manufactured by these stadium seating suppliers come with this form of cushioning system. Under this type of cushions, the seats are provided with cushions support for both the back as well as the tailbone region of the body as well. Thus, this type of seating is a lot more comfortable for the users. The stadium builders usually use these seats in the high end enclosures of their stadiums.  

Bleacher Seats  

These seats only provide the necessary cushioning and support for the lower or bottom part of the body. The cushions used in this type of seats are usually made from a special foam which takes the shape of the body of the person sitting on it and this gives extra comfort to the user.  

Hard Seats 

It is not necessary that all the seats present in the stadium will be alike and all will have cushioning on them. Certain sections of the stadium may be filled with normal hard metal chairs with absolutely no cushioning on them. These are not very comfortable, but are used by the audience just for giving their legs some rest during the long hours of the game. But for the most part of the game, the audience prefers to stand rather than sit on these chairs.   If the stadium builders have the necessary money, they can arrange to get the latest cushioned stadium chairs exported from Turkey and get them installed in their stadiums. For others, they will have to compromise on the local chairs and mix up the different styles of these chairs in order to reduce the overall costing of these chairs.

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