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Using Vintage Chairs For Stadium Seating is The Latest Trend

There is a new trend which is catching up in the form of using vintage chairs as stadium seating in the expensive wing of the stadium.

 Advantages Of Using Vintage Chairs  

There is only one advantage of using these chairs as stadium seating arrangement and that is the class and grace that they bring along with them. These vintage chairs, display wealth and are a symbol for the rich and affluent. Placing them in the stadiums helps in attracting the high society people to the stadium and also the price of the wing where they are placed can be increased drastically. Another advantage of using these chairs is that many fans are able to associate these chairs with the memories of olden times and hence, these chairs end up serving as a memoir of the happy olden days of watching games. Sports fans a strong emotional connect with their games and this pushes them to spend large sums of money for being able to associate themselves with the game in any significant manner.  

Disadvantages Of Using Vintage Chairs  

These old vintage chairs can prove to be extremely uncomfortable for sitting. Besides being uncomfortable, these chairs come at a very high price as well. Logically, paying such a high price for an uncomfortable chair, when the market is flooded with other chairs which are a lot more comfortable in sitting and are available at half the price, makes no sense. But when one is being guided by emotions, logical factors do not matter.  Due to this increased demand for vintage chairs, many Turkish suppliers have also started to export these chairs to all parts of the world.

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